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Combine your Week 1 Data Set with Assignment 3.1 Data Set (Excel) (Links to an external site.) into one merged Excel spreadsheet. Name this “Week 3 Data Set.” This will be used in assignments throughout this course.
Using your Week 3 Data Set, calculate means, medians, modes, standard deviation, range, skewness, kurtosis, and percentages where appropriate for each variable in this data set using SPSS. Next, calculate a 95% confidence interval for each variable.
Provide a one-paragraph overview of your findings, followed by two APA-formatted tables for these statistics. In the first, include all statistics other than the confidence intervals, with the variables presented in columns and statistics in rows. Provide a second table for only the upper and lower limits of the confidence intervals. (SPSS does provide excessive data analysis for these, beyond these limits, which will need to be deleted.)

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