Recent Question/Assignment

You are tasked with designing a Tom and Jerry themed game for the teensy pewpew platform. Jerry,
who will be controlled by the user, just wants to eat cheese and dodge Tom. After he has had a few
pieces of cheese, he likes to have a bit of fun by setting off fireworks in pursuit of Tom. Tom, ever
the strategist, moves randomly around the room, dropping mousetraps periodically in hopes of
catching Jerry. After becoming increasingly frustrated at Jerry for thwarting his plans, when the
characters advance to the second room, Tom decides to get smart and mix a chemical concoction
into some bowls of milk to leave for Jerry. However, this has some unexpected consequences, with
the milk giving Jerry temporary superpowers! For a short burst of time after consuming the milk,
super-Jerry can not only walk through walls, but is also invincible to Tom and his traps. The
characters roam through increasingly variable environments, with moving walls to dodge in
addition to the other game elements. These behaviours are explained further in the task breakdown