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I have questions regarding my complilation assignment
1. Introduction (1/2 page)
Describe the purpose of the paper. What are its goals?
2. Learnings from the Discover Phase (3 pages; two subheadings)
As a result of the TypeFocus exercise, summarize your key results and discuss what the results mean to you. How much of it was in line with what you already know and what was surprising to you? This will take about 1.5 pages
We discussed Curiosity, Persistence, Flexibility, Optimism, and Risk-taking, as part of your career search. This is also on the Career Hub Website. What do you know about yourself now as a result of the work you have done thus far in the course? Relate it to
your career discovery. This will take about 1.5 pages.
3. Learnings from the Explore Phase (3 pages; two subheadings)
Examine your career in terms of volunteer opportunities. Search out two organizations describe what they do. Do NOT lift from the websites. Instead, SUMMARIZE what they do. You will need to cite properly. What sorts of volunteer opportunities do they offer? How do such opportunities align with your career interest? Take 1.5 pages to do this. (ie two paragraphs per organization)
For your primary careers or programs of interest, examine the overall requirements. .00k up TWO or THREE educational websites. Summarize the educational qualifications
cuired to gain entry into these programs. Compare different colleges and universities that offer the same programs. Cite these properly. For each program you reference, you will likely take about Y. page for each.
..onclusion (1 page)
have completed four mini assignments and summarized them above. Now,
iclude your paper with an in-depth summary of what you have learned about
J rse I f through these assignments. How have they helped you further increase your ..;nderstanding of your fit in community service work? What else do you believe you need to know?
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HSF1180 Career Exploration in Human Services
Career Development Compilation Assignment
Description of Assignment
In addition to the two major assignments for this course, there are four mini assignments that you will compile into a compilation assignment. These are in conjunction with the Career Hub site for Conestoga College. They are intended for you to be more specific and concrete as you consider your career in community services. They are worth 40% of your final grade.
Compile information and write a paper that summarizes your learning from the Discover and Explore phases on the course and the Career Hub. (The pieces for the Build phase will be incorporated into your Self and Career Integrative Paper due near the end of the semester).
Further details on these two compilation assignments are provided below. You will need to submit within your paper according to APA
Cite Conesto a guidelines. Please have sections/headings.
your paper as well as have a correct reference page.
Grading Guidelines
10 Poor work, not depth, or no insight, incomplete work, no adherence to
APA@Conestoga, poor formatting, lack of clarity, many errors, unprofessional presentation of the paper.
11-2E Average work, some depth, very few insights, work is complete, minor APA and structural errors, average clarity, somewhat unprofessional.
30 Good work, good depth, good insights, reasonable clearity, a few APA and structural errors. Professionally somewhat presentable.
.11.-40 Excellent work, excellent depth, strong insights, very few to no APA & structural errors.
- Very professional. Impressive to employers and career coaches.
Dates and Late Marks
The due date and time for this assignment will be provided on econestoga. Submissions received after the deadline will be docked at 10% per day late including weekends.
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