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Data Analytics and Visualisation
Length: 2750 words excluding references
Due Date: 24/11/2019 12noon
Note: I already have a dataset which is using Assembly Elections 2017 India data to predict results for Assembly Elections 2020.So we would need to work on that.

Investigate data sources. As a part of this data acquisition you are expected to analyse this data in terms of its variety, volume, velocity and validity, etc (Not in detail, just one liner each). This analysis would lead to one or more data products and potential visualisations. The potential data product will result in identifying a business reporting gap or need.

1) Introduction to Case Study (500 words)
2) Comment on data source, describe the data and context of its use and give a rationale for the decision to use this data source. (250 words)
3) Data Analysis- 5V’s (Not in detail, just one liner each) (250 words)
4) Data Products and Visualisations (1500 words)
• Develop a data product to fulfil one or more of the business gaps/needs and showcase it and illustrate how it fulfils the gap/need.
• Describe how data lead to data product.
• Comment and rationale on the visualisation choices.
• Technical specifications, design and relevant research issues for the visualisation.
• Benefits of visualization
• Potential future research, application and impacts.
In addition to the actual visualization you should also include a manual which will have:
• instructions on how to use it
• instructions for the software required to show the visualisation
• the data used in the visualisation
Visualisation Product
The purpose will be to take the data you have acquired, examined and analysed and to use it to prepare a visualisation.
• Your visualisation can be something as straight forward as an infographic or interactive and engaging (use Power BI).
• The visualisation must use the data from your data source as indicated above.
Ideas and examples of the data products you could create are shown here: 15 Cool Information Graphics and Data Viz from 2016 -
• 15 Stunning Data Visualizations (And What You Can Learn From Them)

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