Recent Question/Assignment

Your assignment for this project is to design a drilling assembly
consisting of drill pipe and drill collars after gathering data for a
known field. The information from surrounding wells and fields can be
used to design the drill string and selecting the rotary drilling rig.
The site selection process should consider the available data from
offset wells in terms of formation properties and should have a
minimum depth (TV D) of 9000 ft.
Report the results for rotary drilling rig capacity and/or limitations
to drill a new well at the selected field. The major part of the
report should include the calculations related to the forces on the
drill string.
Report should contain a statement of the problem and the limitations
and safety factors used for the design. Include all applicable
constraints like social and environmental impact of the selected site
in the report. Use appendix for detailed calculations and
specifications .
Some examples of data you can use in the preparation of your report
are site location and surface maps, formation contacts (or
thicknesses) , completion interval and type, fresh water and coal seam
zones to be drilled through, type of fluid produced and their
analysis, formation pressure, fracture gradients, well logs,
production tests, and other related information on the subsurface. You
may not have all the data listed here. Attach copies of all documents
used in the preparation of final report in -pdf- format with proper
name convention. Keep a copy of your documents and data for new
assignments of this class.