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Task for Exam
Type of test
Test requirements
1) In the form of an essay, describe your
interpersonal communication with
others. Write what gives you something
that doesn't give up. Do a self-analysis
of what are the reasons for not giving up
and what could be done to improve your
interpersonal communication — building
and maintaining good and lasting
relationships. Analyze your properties
that help you develop good relationships
with fighting agents, as well as those that
are troublesome.
2) Write down your benefits from this
course. How developed your personality.
Essay volume 2-3 page.
Assessment Criteria
To successfully complete your
exam, you must write at least a
page 2-3 essay with self-
analysis (score - 8). More work
is needed in order to get a
higher score (the score — 9
needs pages 4-5, 10 needs at
least p. 6). Requirements for
format: Times New Roman,
font size 12, row spacing 1.5.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 614 words including References

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