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Exam work
Dear students!
In frames of the exam work, you need to perform individually the following tasks. Answers to tasks can be performed in the free form. You have to upload work for review before the deadline.
Study course:
1. The businessman was offered a well-kept summer cottage in a good location for a low fee. To benefit from the purchase, he and his family must work at the land for 15-20 hours a week in the spring and summer period. Specify the conditions under which he should agree to this deal?
2. Is there a difference between developing personal and organization plans? Explain the answer.
3. You and two friends of yours decided to handle the supply of vegetables to the shops of the city and created a limited liability company. Your friends have invested in the case 5 thousand euro each and you gave the company the right to use your personal car for one year. The car costs 4 thousand euro, you estimated your contribution in the form of the rights of use as agreed with the partners at 7 thousand euro. You have successfully completed the year of work. At your disposal 1800 euro of profit after accounting all costs. How will you share profit between partners?
4. How will you motivate your subordinates if they:
4.1 Peter - likes and wears expensive clothes, seeks to have symbols of position in society (office, academic degree, rank, etc.), wants to meet corporate values, likes high-quality cars, lives in a prestigious district, seeks to be thought of as a professional, is proud of his work.
4.2 Jalal - dresses clean and tidy, has long-established personal habits, likes to get into details, is ready to defend himself from criticism, likes rules and instructions, needs accuracy and clarity of instructions, does not like changes and uncertainty, opposes
changes at work, prefers to do everything himself because he knows how to do it properly, works a lot.
4.3 Elisabeth - works a lot to achieve the goal, her risks, likes to test her strength, organizer of games, thinks: -Life is a competition-, is jealous of rivals, always wants to win, does not know how to lose adequately, works poorly with team, is an individualist.
5. You are the head of a business unit in a small retail chain of stores. Number of employees - 10. The second day of the month.
5.1 Your deputy brings you a sales plan report for approval. From the report it follows that the plan is executed at 99.45%. It is also necessary to distribute the bonus fund among the employees in the amount of 600 euros. What will be your actions?
5.2 You have made a vacation schedule for the next year. Two employees refused to sign the schedule. What will be your actions?
5.3 You have made a time sheet for the past month. In the overtime column a number -27- was formed, including - 7 hours of yours. What will be your actions?
5.4 Checking the mail, you find a voluminous document which you would like to read. But there is no time now, and you leave the document with you to read it carefully the next day. Are your actions correct?