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Violent Lives: Violent Societies Identifying the Public Health Response 5HW011
Module Overview
Globally violence undermines health and costs lives. Violence has therefore been declared as a major Public Health issue. This module will identify and review the spectrum of violence from individual/interpersonal violence to global/organizational violence. It will consider the impact this has on Public health and how Public Health can respond to violence and support victims of violence.
Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcome1. Demonstrate a conceptual knowledge of a range of theoretical perspectives that attempt to explain societal, cultural and interpersonal violence
Learning outcome 2. Apply theoretical perspectives of violence to a specific issue of violence within a Public Health context.
Learning outcome 3. Identify and review available preventative and supportive resources that currently exist within a Public Health context.
Module Content
An overview of theoretical perspectives of violence and an exploration of how these perspectives inform and influence Public Health.
A review of the epidemiology of violence, nationally and globally will be addressed
Consideration of the spectrum of violence will include; individual and interpersonal violence, gendered violence, family violence, societal and organizational violence, cultural violence.
Public Health response to violence. Government strategies and Non-Governmental Organisational support.
Module Assessment
Part One: Assignment one (2000 words) 80% of overall grade
(Addresses LO1 & LO2)
Choose a specific area of violence that impacts on the health and social care of a group or an individual. Consider the theoretical basis and understanding of this particular form of violence. Explore the impact of this form of violence in the context of public health.
Date for submission May 10th
5HW011: Violent Societies, Violent lives.
Marking Criteria for assignment One (the essay)
Student: Number:
As example Domestic Violence
Assignment section Comments
An appropriate area of violence is selected and justified in a health and social care context
Domestic Violence, define the area of violence, who does it effect and who perpetrates it. Use statistics and data from academic sources, to establish and justify why it is an important issue.
Identification of underpinning theories
• Social (sociological)
• Psychological
• Biological
• Environmental
• Cultural
• Individual theories
• Structural theories
Analysis of theoretical perspective/s
How can these theories be explained and related to real life situations
Examination of the impact of this specific area of violence on public health
What are the, physical, emotional, financial costs to individuals, services, and society
Assignment structure Use 3rd person tense
Introduction (What your assignment is about)
Main Body (Paragraphs discussing the above)
Conclusion (What has been learnt within the assignment, nothing new should be added)
Referencing Harvard style as previous.
Use academic sources.
Part two: Assignment two (project 1500 words) 20% of overall grade
(Addresses LO3)
Choose a specific area of violence (which can be the same as in assignment one) and critically review the resources and information that are available through website (or a specific website) related to this area using an evaluative checklist. Identify any gaps in the available resources and make recommendations as to how these could be addressed.
5HW011: Violent Societies, Violent lives.
Assignment Two (The project)
Student: Number:
Assignment section Comments
An appropriate website related to violence is selected and justified in a health and social care context
Select a website that relates to the topic in assignment 1.
Identification of appropriate evaluation criteria
Use CARS evaluation tool.
Evidence of application of evaluative criteria to website.
Apply CARS evaluation tool to the chosen website. Critically analyse the website.
Some attempt to give appropriate recommendations/identification of gaps in resources. What has it covered in detail, how useful and accurate is this information? What has it not covered? Where can it be developed, what can be included to improve what it offers to service users?
Structure/grammar/spelling Use 3rd person tense
See Below template
Introduction (What your assignment is about, what does it cover)
Main Body (Paragraphs using CARS)
Recommendations (What gaps have been identified, what can be included and developed further?)
Referencing Harvard Reference the Website and CARS these are expected as a minimum.
Date for submission May 10th
Example of Structure
CARS – Evaluation Checklist
Introduction What is the assignment about what does it cover?
Is an author listed?
What are the author's credentials?
Do they have contact details?
Is there evidence of positive peer evaluation?
Is the date of the site current?
When was that page last updated
Is the information complete and not too vague?
What kind of audience is it aimed at?
Does that level match your needs?
Has the site been proofread?
Is it possible to search the site?

Does the author acknowledge all views?
Is the author fair and objective?
Is the information promotional i.e. is it trying to sell you something?
What is the URL and what does it tell you?

Does the author provide support for the information?
Are the sources listed?
Are there other resources with similar information?
Are any links to other websites still working?
Recommendations What gaps have been identified, what can be included and developed further?