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ICA: Open Book, Open Notes; Max. Marks = 100
. For the following system, write down the cathodic and anodic reactions, and express
the Nernst Potential of the full cell as function of the standard value and the
concentration dependent terms.
ZnIZn2+ H+ 1--12 Pt
Make a Plot of the Nernst Potential of the cell as a function of Hydrogen partial
pressure (assume ideal gas mixture) over the range of 0.2 bar to 2 bar. At a constant
pressure of 1 bar Hydrogen, also plot the Nernst Potential of the cell, this time, as a
function of the concentration of Zn2+ ions varying from 0.5 M to 2 M. Make use of 5
data points in each plot, at least.
The following is an example of a concentration cell — a cell with the same two
reactions, but two different solution concentrations (electrolytes). Calculate the
Nernst Potential for the full cell taking into account the concentrations.
ZII(s) zn2+ (0.024 M) I zn2+ (2.4M) IZ11(s)
Please refer to the following paper — give it a good read and summarize the major
findings based upon the following questions:
Electræ.hemistly Communications 105 (2019) 1(6498
Redox potential measurement of AgCl in molten LiCl-KCl salt using
chronopotentiometry and porenriodynamic scon techniques
Mingy Hilä Zhunga, -TikLILbeng Gea, Jinsuo Li Emily Liub
Describe the aims, objectives of this work, and briefly summarize what was
How was a stable reference electrode prepared and how was it proved to be
stable and reliable?
What are the hazards associated with this type of experimentation, and what
are the possible methods/ steps taken by the authors to mitigate it? Please
refer to the parts of the paper, when you are making your inferences. [5]
Explain how the Nernst Potential of the overall electrochemical reaction was
calculated from observed data (discuss briefly experimental data as well, if
you have to), and, in particular, how it was calculated as function of the
electrolyte composition and cell temperature.