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Learning outcomes
LO1: To understand key areas of public health practice
LO2: Apply research and evaluation skills to a public health problem
LO3: Develop knowledge of determinants of public health (psycho, social, economic)
LO4: Demonstrate knowledge of public health policy and strategy
Assessment -2,500 words plus your 500 word plan from the formative assessment
Part 1. Identify a current public health issue either in the UK or abroad (LO1, LO2).
Around 500 words
• Choose a significant issue that affects population health
• Provide statistics to show the extent of the issue and identify the populations that are most affected.
• Assess whether your chosen health issue has improved or worsened over the last decade
Part 2. Using a model of social health determinants explain how three social factors influence your chosen public health issue (LO3).
Around 500 words
• Describe the model you have chosen
• Discuss, using examples, how three of the social determinants impact on your public health issue
Part 3. Explain the structural, settings and behaviour change Public Health Approach and apply two approaches to your public health issue (LO2).
Around 500 words
• Explain the approaches
• Apply two approaches to your public health issue.
Part 4. Identify a policy that addresses your public health issue (LO2).
Around 500 words
• Briefly describe the key points of the policy
• Identify, with examples, evidence of the approaches (structural, settings or behaviour change) being used in the policy
SUBMISSION DATE: 13th May (before 01:59 on the 14th)
All assignments need to be uploaded onto CANVAS. No paper copies will be accepted; any paper copies submitted will not be marked.
If you are unsuccessful or take extenuating circumstances, then you will be expected to submit your work on the 13th July 2020. All resubmission assignments need to be uploaded onto CANVAS. Please note there are no automatic extensions, or any extensions granted for the resubmission period, including students with SEC requirements.