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Course Code
Course Instructor
Jaison Ma
Stud Nam e:
Course Name
Of Evaluation
Assignment 2
Oue Date
March 27, 2020
Time Deadline: 27 March 2020
percentage Weight Of
Total Marks:
Total Weightage:
Please refer to the instructions provided along with the assignment especially Instruction-
requires to be followed completely. There Will be awarded for the
Assignment after the date of deadline specifically mentioned.
Please refer to the following before attempting:
The purpose Of this Assignment is to have students develop their basic knowledge
of specific supply chain management concepts related to the course, Business
The Assignment questions should be answered in student's own words using the
course supply chain theories, concepts and applications discussed in the class.
The Assignment calls for qualitative comparative analysis primarily based on
secondary research. Make Sure to cite ail references appropriately.
The student Will provide/submit a hard copy for their answer submission and
provide a cover sheet with the name and student number, name Of the instructor
and course number and assignment name in typed Times New Roman 12-point font.
Refrain from copvingorsharinganswersasthe same will beconsidered -plagiarism-
and students will not be awarded any marks.
The answers submission deadline [s
Olympus and Fuji Film Camera's
Process Overview: Input — Process -Output.
Procure to Pay Cycle (P2P)
Order to Cash Cycle (02C)

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