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BUHRM5912 Group Assignment 2
Written report & oral presentation due in week 10 class
1. Cover Page Template
2. Table of Content
3. Introduction
- Of topic
- Company background
4. Body (refer below)
5. Conclusion
6. Reference List
7. Marking Criteria (3/4 +1 + 1)

1. One Problem (ongoing current problem etc. high turnover, low profit, high grievances, etc)
2. Analysis of problem (measurable data & impact of problem on the company, employees, customers, etc)
3. Causes of problem (2 causes – HR related – based on the syllabus)
4. Solutions to problem (2 solutions – HR related)
5. Implementation of solutions (2 implementation – don’t just recommend show clearly how you will implement the solution to solve the problem such as who is in-charge, when, how, where, the costing)

1 problem (eg: High Turnover)

Cause A (eg: Poor Training) Cause B (eg: Poor compensation & benefits)
Solution A (eg; Provide Training) Solution B (eg: Improve C & B package)
Implementation of Solution A Implementation of Solution B
(types of training, who conduct, when, where) (new C&B package, by how much, who is in-charge, how to go about it,