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A saturated vapor stream of n-butane is available at 2.2 atm for a heat pump application. The vapor is compressed to 4 atm and 124 °F. The heat released when it is condensed to a saturated liquid at 4 atm is used to heat process B, which requires 10.0 x 106 Btu/h. The butane pressure is then reduced to 1 atm, where the vapor and liquid streams are sent separately to another area in the plant

A. What is a Heat Pump? In no more than one page (250 words max.] describe it, its operating principles, and some of its applications.
B. Use Figure 1 shown next page (Pressure-Enthalpy Diagram for n-butane] to calculate:
a. the n-butane flow rate (lbm/h] required to provide heat to process B.
b. the butane vapor (V] and liquid (L] flow rates (lbm/h).
c. the work required by the pump (W] to compress the 2.2 atm saturated n-butane vapor to 4 atm and 124 °F. How is this work value related to process B heat load?
C. If the n-butane flow rate and all the pressure are maintained constant, but the process B heat load drops to 7.5 x 106 Btu/h, what are the new vapor (V] and liquid (L] flow rates?

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