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Project Planning and Management
Assignment: Open Day Project Plan - ‘Global Electronic Engineering Innovators - Bangor University’
This assignment represents 40% of your final mark for this module.
You are a member of Bangor University’s Electrical Engineering Society and you have volunteered to Project Manage a team of student volunteers to hold a 1 day ‘Open Day’, ‘Global Electronic Engineering Innovators - Bangor University’ on October 1st 2020, 10am to 5pm. The Open Day is an opportunity for the School to showcase some of the exciting and innovative work that the Electronic Engineering School is doing in North Wales and beyond.
The Open Day will be a combination of:
• Exhibition stands, showcasing some of the research being undertaken and will include collaborative projects with other Universities, organisations and commercial businesses
• Presentations – 35 minutes long – 20 minute presentations and 15 minute Question and Answer sessions
• General opportunities for networking, during breaks – networking for students, members of staff, collaborating businesses and e.g. Business Wales, Innovate UK etc.
• You will be inviting local, regional and national Electrical Engineering companies to exhibit their innovative products and services and to showcase their employment opportunities for graduates from the School.
You will be sending out RSVP invites to 200 relevant people to attend this free event and expect about 150 to confirm their interest.
The event will be held in Pontio – Pontio Innovation, Co-Working space and level 5 lecture Theatre. The venue is confirmed for October 1st, at no cost, but you will need to liaise with all relevant Pontio staff, to communicate precise requirements. You will be charging £10 per person for the optional buffet lunch and mid-morning and mid-afternoon refreshments. Attendees may choose to use Pontio’s food outlets, at their own expense.
You have a budget of up to £5,000 to cover any additional costs.
Develop a project plan for this project.
You will need to complete the following 5 sections. Each section must be no more than 1 page (A4) long. Use font size 11. Each section will be marked out of 20, amounting to 100 marks in total.
1. Using the Project Scope Document, scope the project.
2. Using the Risk Analysis pro forma, assess the risks (potential problems) and provide a fallback position/ contingency plan for those risks that you consider to be the most disruptive. Identify quality measures and controls.
3. Develop and present work packages using a Work Breakdown Structure. Give appropriate time scales and approximate costs for each package
4. Produce a Gantt chart. Include appropriate milestones and reviews.
5. What jobs need doing to set up, run and dismantle the conference. How many volunteer student helpers do you need? What ‘skill sets’ will they need? E.g. tech crew in lecture hall, chair and table shifters/ removers etc.
Submission Turnitin - Deadline
• 5pm, Thursday 2nd April 2020
Late Submission
• Late submissions will be accepted if they are accompanied by a doctor’s note or a letter from your tutor.
• Other late submissions will receive a maximum of 40%