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this assessment is design to examine our understanding and to derive opinion towards several major topics of this course, NOT to source information online like an coursework assignment. All writing and discussion you presented in your answer script should only reflect your understanding and opinion.
Need citation from text book or lecture slides.I have my lecture slides attached along
Accurate estimation of an asset’s intrinsic value is the essence of fundamental analysis. However, an asset’s intrinsic value may differ depending on different metric. Some metric may work well on certain assets but is not feasible on other assets, for instance, P/E ratio may be a common metric to estimate the intrinsic value of a profiting stock, P/E ratio is not feasible if the stock’s Earnings Per Share (EPS) is negative. Construct a work plan / work flow in point-form detailing how you would estimate the intrinsic value of the assets below.
(a) A well-established blue-chip stock with dividends. [15 marks]
(b) A growth stock that is yet to be profitable. [15 marks]
(c) A commodity, Gold. [15 marks]