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Mid-Term Take-home Exam
To learn to manage diverse needs of the employees in minimum resources.
Fundamental Idea
Students are required to assume the role of compensation executive of ABC Company and prepare customized compensation packages for the employees. Major task of the compensation manager is to prepare most effective compensation package whereby the employee gets maximum benefits according to his/her needs remaining within the provided budget.
The detail of six employees of the company are as follows.
1- Aniqa is 28 years old. The divorced mother of three children ages 3, 5, and 7, she is the department head. She earns $40,000 per year at her job and receives another $3,600 per year in child support from her ex-husband.
2- Ayesha is a 72-year-old widow. She works 25 hours per week at an hourly wage of $8.50 to supplement her $8,000 annual pension and earns a total of $19,000 per year.
3- John is a 34-year-old born in Trinidad who is now a U.S. resident. He is married and the father of two small children. John attends college at night and is within a year of earning his bachelor’s degree. His salary is $27,000 per year. His wife is an attorney and earns approximately $50,000 per year.
4- Hamid is 26 years old and single with a master’s degree in education. He is paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair as a result of an auto accident. He earns $32,000 per year.
5- Maria is a single, 22-year-old woman born and raised in Mexico. She came to the United States only 3 months ago, and her English needs considerable improvement. She earns $20,000 per year.
6- Mike is a 16-year-old high school sophomore who works 15 hours per week after school and during vacations. He earns $7.20 per hour, or approximately $5,600 per year.
The six participants work for ABC Company that has recently installed a flexible benefits program. Instead of the traditional “one benefit package fits all,” the company is allocating an additional 25 percent of each employee’s annual pay to be used for discretionary benefits. Those benefits and their annual cost are as follows:
1- Supplementary health care for employee:
? Plan A (no deductible and pays 90 percent) _ $3,200
? Plan B ($200 deductible and pays 80 percent) _$2,200
? Plan C ($1,000 deductible and pays 70 percent) _ $700
2- Supplementary health care for dependents (same deductibles and percentages as above):
? Plan A _ $2,000 (no deductible and pays 90 percent)
? Plan B _ $1,500 ($200 deductible and pays 80 percent)
? Plan C _ $500 ($1,000 deductible and pays 70 percent)
3- Supplementary dental plan _ $500
4- Life insurance:
? Plan A ($25,000 coverage) _ $500
? Plan B ($50,000 coverage) _ $1,000
? Plan C ($100,000 coverage) _ $2,000
? Plan D ($250,000 coverage) _ $3,000
5- Mental health plan _ $500
6- Prepaid legal assistance _ $300
7- Vacation_ 2 percent of annual pay for each week, up to 6 weeks a year
8- Pension at retirement equal to approximately 50 percent of final annual earnings _ $1,500
9- Day care services _ $2,000 for all of an employee’s children, regardless of number
10- Company-provided transportation _ $750
11- College tuition reimbursement _ $1,000
12- Language class tuition reimbursement _ $500
The Task
Each group is assigned two employees. You have to develop a flexible benefits package that meet following criteria:
1- The cost of the package can consume maximum 25 percent (and no more!) of the assigned employee’s pay.
2- Give maximum and relevant benefits to employee remaining within the limit.
3- Exceeding the provided limit is not allowed.
4- It is not necessary to provide all benefits to all employees. You can choose suitable benefits from the provided list for each employee.
Group Employees
Group #1
Adil Khalil l1f16bbam0166
Hira Atiq l1f16bbam0149
Washma Hassan l1f16bbam0195
Azfer Ahmad l1f16bbam0181
Heida Javed l1f16bbam0023 - Aniqa
- Mike
Group # 2
Ahsan Zia l1f16bbam0213
M. Usama Saleem l1f16bbam0215
Faizan Ali l1f16bbam0226
Zeeshan Abbass l1f16bbam0227
Wasif Noor l1f16bbam0228
Madiha Javeed l1f16bbam0349 - Hamid
- Ayesha
Group # 3
Hafsa Sharif l1f16bbam0289
Menahil Bashir l1f16bbam0099
Neha Khan l1f16bbam0283
Tahreem Abid l1f16bbam0294
Soha Saleem l1f16bbam0159 - Aniqa
- Ayesha
Group #4
Ayesha Hussain l1f16bbam0356
Iqra Abbasi l1f16bbam7015
Marryam Naz l1f16bbam0282
Sania Rahmen l1f16bbam0284
Abubakar Siddique l1f16bbam0093
- Hamid
- Maria
Group # 5
Sadiya Ilyas l1s17bbam0107
Bilal Hassan l1s17bbam0102
Naeem Aram l1s17bbam0094
Kashif Hussain l1s17bbam0049
Samia Usman l1f16bbam0411
- John
- Maria
Group # 6
M. Qasim l1f16bbam0079
Danyaal Bin Raza l1f16bbam0084
M. Nofal l1f16bbam0090
Babar Saadat l1f16bbam0087
M. Hamza Tahir l1f16bbam0364
- Hamid
- Mike
Group # 7
Abubakr Nishat L1F15BBAM0240
Hafiz Umer Siddiqui l1s16bbam0082
Yasir Sattar l1f19bbam0563
Suheera l1s14bbam2046
Madiha Javeed l1f16bbam0349
- John
- Ayesha
Group 8
Usman Anwar l1f16bbam0212
Haroon Mustafa l1f16bbam0182 - Aniqa