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Week 2 Individual Case Study
Please note these assignments are being automatically submitted through Turn It In, our plagiarism checking software, so be sure your citations are in proper APA format and you cite ALL sources!!!For each Individualized Case Study topic: Please see sample paper in the Modules.
You will outline:
• the “pro” position,
• the “con” position,
• and “your” position
• Conclusion
• Introduction
As with a court case, you will have an opening statement and support for a position (pro part), you then have the opposing position (con part), and then a section to identify your position, now that you know both sides of the argument.
Keep in mind, you NEVER hear an attorney present their -true- opinion, but rather they present the best defense possible. So in the pro & con sections, you should not talk about your beliefs on a topic, but rather the history, context, and facts behind that position. You should ONLY cover your “true” opinion in the final section of the paper.
Papers are limited to 3-5 pages long and all ideas MUST include support from peer reviewed sources (.gov and .edu only for websites; print items can include journal articles, books, etc.). In addition, you must use the APA method for citations in the papers.
Individualized Topics Options: Choose one
• Is zero tolerance the best policy for reducing crime?
• Should public safety agencies be required to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act regarding the length of shifts?
• Should a Victims' Rights Amendment be added to the U.S. Constitution?
• Should public safety chief officers (Sheriff, Fire Chief, Police Chief, etc.) be elected or appointed positions?
• Should the use of jailhouse informants be abolished?
• Should shaming be an element of criminal punishment?
• What are the rights of criminals and prisoners?
• Should there be laws requiring registration and community notification for convicted sex offenders?
• Should the death penalty be abolished?
• Should we eliminate the special system of juvenile justice?
• Should we continue the war on drugs?
• Do police body cameras threaten civil rights?
• Should the use of torture be allowed during interrogations with alleged terrorists, foreign or domestic?
• Should spousal rape laws be abolished?
• Should prison overcrowding be criminalized?
• Should the crack versus powder cocaine sentencing disparity be adjusted?
• Do Three Strikes Laws reduce crime rates by detaining habitual offenders for life?
CRJS/PSFT 498 Individual Case Study
CRJS/PSFT 498 Individual Case Study
Criteria Ratings Pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOverall Content
Submission included the “pro” position, the “con” position, and “your” position 3.5 pts
Full Marks 0.0 pts
No Marks
3.5 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeUse of facts/statistics
Every major point was well supported with relevant facts, statistics and/or examples from external, scholarly sources. 3.5 pts
Full Marks 0.0 pts
No Marks
3.5 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeReadability
Paper was well organized and written including proper grammar and spelling; the information flowed well from one paragraph to the next. 2.0 pts
Full Marks 0.0 pts
No Marks
2.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeUse of APA
Paper adhered to 6th Edition APA formatting for cover page, body of the paper, citations, and references. 1.0 pts
Full Marks 0.0 pts
No Marks
1.0 pts
Total Points: 10.0

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1667 words including References

Title: Should the Death Penalty be Abolished?

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