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Everything should be between 1500 words to 2000
Take-Home Examination Cover Sheet
Start Date: Friday, May 22, 2020
End Date: Sunday, May 24, 2020
1. Your Take Home Exam (THE) comprises 3 essay questions (Questions 1, 2 and 3).
2. You must answer all three (3) questions by typing them!
3. In typing, please ensure that:
a) you answer all the components, you will lose marks if you omit any component (s).
b) you reference your work (APA Style).
c) you do not plagiarize!!!
d) your full submission of all 3 essays is between 1500 – 2000 words.
e) The text should be double-spaced, and 12-point Times New Roman Font.
The highly contagious novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 also called coronavirus disease of 2019 (COVID-19) is
a global health emergency of unprecedented proportions. The ongoing loss of life globally as well as the virus’
ability to spread rapidly through communities, has generated a need for significant changes to the foundations
of the well and least developed countries. In the last few months, political leaders globally have been making
new announcements to respond to COVID-19 impacts, on both people and the economy. These have been crucial
steps to ensure public safety and financial stabilization. As it stands now, nobody knows how long this crisis
will last, but we do know that when it finally recedes our world will look very different. This crisis has not just
created new disasters, it has exposed the flaws of our existing system. Several leaders have done well including
few female leaders like Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen; New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern; the
German chancellor, Angela Merkel; and Denmark’s prime minister Mette Frederiksen.
In the case of Ghana, the Ghanaian government has so far followed a step-by-step model, including initiating
travel restrictions outside the country, restrictions on events and on places of social gathering including
churches, schools, restaurants, theatres and gyms and now currently just lifted a 21-day partial locked down in
two of the most affected regions in Ghana. Inequality in Ghana meant that now, in this time of deep need, we
risk sacrificing the health and safety of vulnerable people for whom the social safety net has been weakened.
Several proposals, both economic and health related are suggested to assist the entire nation. Health care
workers and security personnel have become heroes. Government has been asked to show leadership in
transforming or restoring the economy to one that works toward well-being for all as it takes steps to gradually
relax the restrictions. It is believed that the brighter side to the crisis is the momentum and opportunity to shift
our systems to prioritize our care and wellbeing in the long run.
a. Explain how decisional and informational roles of leaders can influence the effective management of
the COVID-19 crisis in Ghana. (4 marks)
b. In the management of the health crisis, how can technical, human, and conceptual skills be relevant for
the Minister of health to enable him rally around health workers? (4 marks)
c. The internal and external environment will cause changes for companies in Ghana (Large, Medium, and
small-Scale Enterprises) during this crisis. Explain (4 marks)
d. Discuss two (2) ways by which transformational leadership style can be relevant to the management of
the crisis at all levels of management. (4 marks)
e. Explain four (4) ways by which scientific management play a role in the management of a modern crisis
such as the COVID-19. (4 marks)
The term “Levels of Management’ refers to a line of demarcation between various managerial positions in an
organization. The number of levels in management increases when the size of the business and workforce
increases and vice versa. The level of management determines a chain of command, the amount of authority
and status enjoyed by any managerial position. Discuss the three (3) broad categories of management level and
the implication for organizational success. (20 marks)
Owing to globalization and rapid technological change over the past few decades, the major contemporary issues
in management lies in the need for efficient managers. More and more organizations today face a dynamic and
changing environment. This, in turn, makes these organizations either to change or perish. There are five (5)
specific forces that are acting as stimulants for change, state and explain them with relevant examples.
(20 marks)

Students Responsibilities and Advice
1. It is your responsibility to comply with the general information and instructions given on the question
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8. Note that no submission can be accepted after the deadlines.
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5. Photographed or Scanned handwritten documents will not be accepted. In a case where the Faculty
grants permission for handwritten documents for submission:
a. “Handwritten Submission Allowed” at the bottom of the Cover page on the question paper
b. Write using only white A4 size papers and with a black ink pen
c. Scan the handwritten documents at a resolution between 96 to 120 dpi
d. The scanned handwritten document together with the STUDENTS SUBMISSION COVERPAGE
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