Recent Question/Assignment

10Each of you must choose one of the topics outlined below to turn in online (through a script and powerpoint) on June 17-’. You should assume that you’d have 10 minutes to present on your topic. Each presentation should be prepared using Microsoft PowerPoint along with a “script” word document which describes what you would say for each slide. Your presentation should begin with a slide containing an original title and your name. The remaining slides should thoroughly describe your topic.
Your presentation will make up 10% of your final grade in BIOL 2P02. The mark breakdown for this presentation is as follows:
• Your Mark - Out of 100
o Content - out of 60
o Quality of Slides - out of 20 r
o Script- out of 20
A few basic guidelines that should be considered when creating and giving a presentation are outlined below:
• Make sure that you understand your topic and explain it using your own words in a way that would be understandable to your peers and TAs. Use the internet and your TAs as resources for additional information. Do not simply take sentences or paragraphs from the internet and reiterate them in your presentation. This is considered academic dishonesty and will not be tolerated.
• Practice your presentation. This will improve the flow of your presentation and will also allow you to gauge how long your presentation will be. Make sure to stay within the time limit of 10 minutes.
• Be selective of what you include in your slides. Make sure that each point that you make contributes to the audience’s understanding of your topic.
Present information on your slides using short sentences or bullet points that you can elaborate on while you speak. Long sentences and paragraphs are distracting to the audience. Your script should have move info than your slides do. le. What you plan to say for each slide should not just be written on each slide!
• 1 ry to incorporate images where appropriate to help with your explanations. Make sure that you reference the source of each image. Numerical references are acceptable as long as a full reference list is provided at the end of your presentation.
1. Describe how CRISPR-Cas9 technology can be used to alter an organism’s genome. How can this technology be used in research?
2. Explain how viruses can be used to genetically engineer Eukaryotic cells. How could this system be used in gene therapy for human diseases?
3. Describe how small interfering RN/ (siRNA) can be used to inhibit gene expression. How can we assess the effectiveness of siRNA at silencing our target genes?
4. Describe the process of real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR). How does this differ from the PCR that we used during Lab #2?
5. Explain the steps that need to be taken to get E. coli to express a Eukaryotic gene of interest. How docs this differ from genetic engineering of E. coli with Prokaryotic genes?
6. Explain the Sanger sequencing method for sequencing DN A.
7. Describe how DNA microarrays can be used to assess the expression levels of multiple genes at the same time.
you have specific questions about your assigned topic, your TAs and Lab Demonstrator would be happy to help.