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Needed written report (Literature Review) assistance for my Corporate Governance assignment
All the details has been included in the attachment
Corporate Government Assignment
Selected Topic: Board Structure
The written report should contain a detailed discussion of the chosen title of interest. The report should include the discussion of the issues mentioned under the respective topics above. However, students are NOT limited to those issues and are free to discuss whatever issues deemed to be RELEVANT under the topic area. Plenty of examples should be given to support the discussion.
Search for FIVE (5) most relevant academic journals within the past 10 years (2010-2020) related to the topic selected. The acceptability of the journal will be judged based on its relevancy. The content of the report should be around 1650 words long with 1.5 spacing using
Times New Roman of font size 12 and use APA referencing style in their report.
1. Introduction - Brief discussion of the topic
2. Literature review - Identify key and related issues regarding the topic under review. Examine, discuss and analyze all findings. Provide your own arguments/criticisms/ opinions/comments based on the literature review
3. Conclusion - Brief summary of your report/what have you learn from this assignment

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