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Cw 2- 2500-words limit (Harvard Referencing style)
Deadline date: 01.08.2020
Coursework 2 (written assignment): Brief
This coursework accounts for 70% of your overall module mark. You are expected to write a 2500-words individual essay addressing learning outcomes 3 and 4 as follows:
3. Critically appraise the theories of leadership and management, evaluate the necessary characteristics of a modern healthcare leaders and managers.
4. Critically evaluate the complexity of leadership and management in the healthcare environment, appraising the differences that are required for effective teamwork.
Your task is to complete a written essay answering the following questions on the quality of leaders and managers in healthcare:
1. Discuss the current and anticipated challenges for leaders and managers in healthcare.
2. Discuss how these future challenges will be met.
3. Discuss how that will impact the team effectiveness.
Essential Reading
Healthcare management
• Book edited by Kieran Walshe; Judith Smith 2016
Leadership: theory & practice
• Book by Peter Guy Northouse 2019
Theory and practice of leadership
• Book by Roger Gill 2011
Snapshots of Great Leadership
• Book by Jon P. Howell 2012
Recommended Reading
Why is trust important for effective healthcare teams? in British Journal of Healthcare Management
Article by Adam Layland 02/02/2018
Healthcare operations management
Book by Daniel B. McLaughlin; John R. Olson 2017
Leadership and management in healthcare
Book by Neil Gopee; Jo Galloway 2017
Leadership in health care
Book by Jill Barr; Lesley Dowding 2019
Developing potential across a full range of leadership: cases on transactional and transformational leadership
Book by Bruce J. Avolio; Bernard M. Bass 2002
Discovering leadership
Book by Jon Billsberry; Open University. Business School 2008, c2009
British journal of healthcare management
Leadership in health services
Journal by Canadian Healthcare Association; MCB University Press 2007-
Illusions of Team Working in Health Care

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