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10 minutes individual presentation addressing Learning outcome 1.
coursework 1 submission by 15th July 2020 at 15:00
Topic: As an individual, you are tasked to design and deliver an interactive 10 minutes presentation, aligned to module learning outcome 1, focused on the following topic:
Identify and critically evaluate different models of healthcare funding and how these influence the delivery of patient care in healthcare organisations.
Approach this from a health system resource planning and management perspective, critiquing the current funding models with appropriate literature from a range of sources. Be interactive for your audience.
Follow-up guidance:
• you will prepare to submit a reflective report for each slide e.g. Speaker notes as narrator.
• Prepare a PowerPoint of no more than seven (7) slides for the presentation, including title and reference slides. You should ensure that the content of the slides is enough for a presentation of approximately 10 minutes.
• Must be intext citation in slides
• Harvard style reference list
Course work 2: Deadline date: 12th August 2020 at 15:00
3000-word Business Proposal (Harvard style reference list)
Course work Task - Business Proposal
Background Context:
As the senior manager in Midlands Healthcare Ltd. (who are specialists in healthcare provision), you have been tasked as one of your responsibilities, to devise strategies to make available enough resources for a new Mental Health Supported Housing project for the following year.
Based on the scenario above, produce a Business Proposal that addresses all questions below:
Assessment Questions
Question 1:
a) Reflecting on the importance of attaining best service user outcomes in care, discuss how the concept of resource planning could be used to make available and free up resources for the new Mental Health Supported Housing project.
(25 marks)
(750 words)
b) Analyse at least three different sources of funding and consider two you will use to support your resource planning strategy for the new Mental Health Supported Housing project.
(25 marks)
(750 words)
Key aspects to consider in this part of your Proposal are
• Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of resource planning.
• Refer to the environment in which health and social care operate, including outcome-based care.
• Explore the importance of effective planning that takes into consideration:
o what we are trying to do,
o how we are going to do it and
o What we will need in order to achieve it.
· Consider the need for a systematic process of business planning for examining an organisation and the business environment in order to best allocate resources to meet service demand in the most appropriate way.
· The contribution of key stakeholders, including local authorities and the ‘third sector’ or voluntary sector/community sector (also non-profit sector or ‘not-for profit’ sector).
· Identify the factors that can influence the decision-making process when managing healthcare funding.
· Effective resource management and good budgeting skills.
· Support your discussion with academic sources such as books, journals etc.
Question 2:
Discuss how effective resource management in Midlands Healthcare Ltd. would support the performance of staff, the care team and the organisation. Explore how this links to the short, medium, and long-term goals of Midlands Healthcare Ltd. - especially given its intention to expand.
(50 marks)
(1,500 words)
Key aspects to consider in this part of your Proposal are:
• Resources are central to the management process; they have a limited supply but are the means to attain goals organisations set for themselves and meet demands for individuals who need care and their families.
• Consider the broad issues organisations factor in when expanding, including economic conditions etc.
• Explore the relationship between planning and management of resources and the performance of staff, the team, and the organisation.
• Discuss accountability and responsibility in relation to the appropriate use of resources.
• A discussion of budgetary restrictions in the current fiscal climate this could extend to an explanation of financial risk.
• Support your discussion with academic sources such as books, journals etc.
this is a Hint for assignment as sample
Recommended Reading
1. Healthcare management
• Book by Kieran Walshe; Judith Smith 2011, 3rd edition (2016) is also available (print only).
2. Working in health: financing and managing the public sector health workforce
• Book by Marko Vujicic; Kelechi Ohiri; Susan Sparkes; World Bank c2009
3. Health care budgeting and financial management
• Book by William J. Ward 2016
4. Introduction to health economics
• Book by Lorna Guinness; Virginia Wisemann 2011
5. Commissioning for health and well-being: an introduction
• Book by Jon Glasby 2012
6. Human resources management for health care organizations: a strategic approach
• Book by Joan Pynes; Donald N. Lombardi 2012

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