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I need 2000 words case study to be written on the following topic attached
School of Computing, Engineering & Digital Technologies–Teesside University
Module: Petroleum Chemistry CBE4012
COVID-Adapted ICA Brief
In this assignment you will develop a report of 2000 words on the subject of flow assurance. You can choose to focus on any aspect of flow assurance, this could be corrosion, scale, wax, hydrate, etc. You report will need to include:
1- Introduction (defining the concepts, with reference)
2- Selection of at least three case studies (describe each case study and explain the learning from each case in your own words). You need to study the data analysed in each case study and explain what the input data are, how the data was collected, how they were analysed, and the findings. You should read at least ten case studies to select at least three in which sufficient data are presented and proper analysis is performed. This will enable you to create an in-depth discussion.
3- Discussion on comparing the presented cases.
4- Conclusions
Deadline: 4:00 pm, August 14, 2020.
Feedback date: September 11, 2020.
General Formatting Guidelines:
• The report should include a title page that includes the title of your report and the word count, excluding the reference list.
• All the fonts must be Arial, size 12.
• Your report should be 1.5 spaced throughout, including the title and reference pages.
• Figure (Table) captions should be composed of full sentences.
• The main point of any figure should be pointed out in the figure caption in a summarised sentence.
• The report should be submitted online via Turnitin system.
• Any evidence of academic misconduct will be dealt with according to the university regulations.
Dr. Tannaz Pak

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