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iBook Assignment – 10% Marks (G), Due: Tomorrow
• Download and Install iBook Author and create an e-book. In order to create an e-book, at first you should have the topic and content. Select a topic and outline a story, collect the content from the Internet. Collect and trim required images, videos, and references.
• A book will have, A cover page, back page, title, sub-title, Author, tags, ISBN, ISSN, publisher, supplier, price, URL, etc. Plan the Navigation.
• Create an apple iBook file using iBooks Author.
• Export in to multiple formats as .pdf, .ePub, and .ibooks file.
• Download and install iTunes Producer, use this application to publish your book in iBook store.
• Type your iBook URL in the comments while uploading the .pdf, .epub, and .ibook files to D2L.
• Note: As you are going to publish your book in the market place, so make sure Its not violating any copyright, intellectual property rights, patent rights and it satisfying the iBook store policy.