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2. -Given the history of the European colonisation of Australia, many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are wary of official institutions and social welfare’ (Chenoweth & McAuliffe 2015, p.287). Identify and discuss one or two policies or pieces of legislation that have impacted on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and how the effects can be seen today.
* Please note that the page number of the quote used in this essay question is likely to differ depending upon which version of the text book you are using.
Your tutor will grade the essay, while the Course Coordinator, Michele will moderate papers to ensure consistency of grades and feedback.
The UniSA Harvard referencing system must be used g-roadmap/ and you will need to utilise a minimum of 10 peer reviewed, academic resources that are relevant to your topic. You are encouraged to use the material you created for your annotated bibliography in this work. Ensure that you incorporate the feedback provided in your first assignment. BACK TO TOP

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