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Assignment Instructions
Due 9/4/2020 using American literature, reference and writing
Work should be free of errors that detract from the overall message, in APA format. A minimum of five scholarly sources is required and all literature cited must be current, with publication dates within five years of 2020. Paper must be 3 pages long double-spaced using times roman, 12-point font. Each bullet point question must be answered chronologically. No extra spacing between paragraphs. Citation must be used within every bullet point answer.
Community Organizing: Drumming Up Power and Change
The civil rights movement is an example of massive grassroots community organizing.
• Identify and briefly describe three theories of power, politics, and change.
• Discuss at least two implications for community organizing for each identified theory.
• Explain how these same theories might apply to virtual communities.
Response Guidelines
Respond to the posts of at least two other peers whose posts are different from yours. Share how their posts stimulated your thinking about the topic.
Systematic Community Assessment
• Explain why a systemic approach to conceptualizing and assessing communities is necessary.
• Provide at least three reasons, supporting your claims with credible resources.
• Apply your concepts to an example of assessing a community for needs.
Theories of Management
• Compare and contrast theory X and theory Y and management by objectives (MBO).
• Describe each theory before comparing their strengths and weaknesses.
• Which theory do you consider most applicable to a human organization with which you are affiliated?
• Explain why. Discuss in the context of an example, though be careful not to disclose identifiable information.
Culturally Friendly Organizations: What Is the Recipe?
According to Rajendran and Chemtob (2010), bureaucratically structured agencies that operate under strict organizational rules and regulations are less likely to be used by clients than less-bureaucratic agencies.
• Given their findings, how would you structure a culturally responsive agency? Be specific, with reference to the article. Use at least one additional credible reference or resource to support your work.
Rajendran, K., & Chemtob, C. M. (2010). Factors associated with service use among immigrants in the child welfare system. Evaluation and Program Planning, 33(3), 317–323.
Promoting Change: Where Does It Start?
• Identify and explain the four systems that promote change and the four systems that are the focus of change. What is your preferred focus of change, and what systems would you target?

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