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Assessment Task Design Template
Title: Misconceptions in Islam 15%
Subject: Religion St
Year Level: 12
Date: Semester 1
Capabilities ? Literacy in Religion Studies ? Citizenship ? Personal Development ? Work
? Learning ? Numeracy in Religion St ? Communication
Priorities ? Aboriginal and TSI Histories and Culture ? Islamic History- Tareekh ? Quran ? Hadith ? Akhla
Aadaab aq & ? Aqaaid &
Year Level Achievement
? Hi-light elements of the standards being assessed
To recognise the common misconceptions about Islam, provide logical explanations about Islamic misconceptions. Learn how to recognise and respond to Islamophobia.
Task Description: Students create a PowerPoint Presentation to demonstrate their understanding of the various misconceptions about Islam. Topics to choose polygamy, hijab, Islam spread by the sword, terrorism, animal slaughter, praying towards the Ka’ba, non-muslims not allowed in sacred cities, consumption of pork and alcohol, woman’s testimony, woman’s inheritance, evidence of afterlife, existence of sects, Muslims doing evil, calling non- Muslims Kaafir.
In your presentation: 1. Explain the common misconception about Islam. 2. Provide a logical response and explanation for the misconception.
Task Requirements and Due Date: Week 7 Monday
• PowerPoint Presentation 6 minutes
• Groups of 3- Choose 3 topic (from the list above)
• Ku1&2 IA2&4 A&E1&2 C1&2 R1,2&3
Assessment Rubric: Derived from Stage 2 Achievement Standards

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