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Student guide for Written assessment
This assessment requires students to write a Research Proposal on the provided research topic. The general research topic for this assessment is ‘Impact of C0VID19 pandemic on the Australian Tourism Industry'. However, students will be required to unpack this broader research topic and narrow it down to researchable questions.
To complete this assessment, students will work in pairs.
You DON’T need to have the answers to your research question at this stage but a proposal. So, what is a Research Proposal? According to Punch (2006) “A document that deals with issues such as:
¦ The proposed subject of the research.
¦ What the research intends to achieve.
¦ The methods by which the research will be conducted.
¦ What will be learned from the research and why it is worth doing.”
Word count:
Assessment Weighting:
Students will be assessed in writing an academic research proposal that must follow the structure as noted below.
1. Research proposal title
The title must describe the scope of your research, that is the breadth and depth of your study. It may also give an indication of the methodology to be used. For example, ‘A survey of customer satisfaction levels in a Hotel’ or a ‘Case study on changing visitor expectations’ It must provide a clear notion of what the research is about.
2. Introduction
It provides a summary of the research topic describing the main problems or issues, the gaps in the current research and how this research will address them.

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