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The landmark and most controversial eminent domain case in U.S. history was Kelo v. City of New London, 545 U.S. 469 (2005.)
Watch the following short video:
Read Amici Curiae to the Supreme Court of the United States regarding the City of New London, Connecticut (Friend of the Court.)
In addition to the case referenced in the video, review the similar case of Poletown, Michigan.
Carefully review ? Tips for More Actionable PowerPoint Presentation Content ? prior to submission! To achieve this goal, your presentation must include creative slide design.
Using MS PowerPoint, create an online presentation consisting of 12 or more slides. Carefully review ? Tips for More Actionable PowerPoint Presentation Content ? prior to submission. Discuss and the following topics on the purpose and limitation in the use of Eminent Domain:
What is the proper use of Eminent Domain and where is the power found?
Were the petitioners against the city in the case of KELO VS. CITY OF NEW LONDON correct AND WHY? Compare and contrast the subject case with your analysis and review of the similar case of the former Poletown, Michigan comprised predominantly of first- and second-generation immigrants. Discuss the CURRENT status of each development sites in New London and Poletown. Were either or both of these projects later abandoned? In the end, did private developers Pfizer and General Motors, respectively, fulfill their economic development promises to the cities and the people? GM promised 6,000 new jobs in the former Poletown, but how many of those jobs were actually created? Were these private developers subject to any review oversight boards or held to any standards of financial accountability based on the billions of tax dollars infused into these projects?
Next create a separate slide containing an ORIGINAL eminent domain meme you have personally created using (Links to an external site.) or similar platform for inclusion in your presentation. Please view the sample meme I have created for you below for ideas.
On a final -Conclusions and Major Takeaways- slide discuss the impacts of these court decision on subsequent eminent domain reform locally and/or nationally.
Your presentation must include actionable content using ALL of the following:
Visually engaging, image-centric background slide graphics with shape and text overlays
SmartArt icons using ideas from the slide examples below
Slide containing an ORIGINAL eminent domain meme you personally created using

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