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Assessment 1: Written Assessment – 50% of topic
Due Date:
Thursday 29th April 2021, 4.00pm (Adelaide time)
Word Count:
2000 words +/- 10%
Assessment Details:
Utilising the textbook and relevant additional resources (e.g. peer reviewed journal articles) critically analyse the following:
1. The concept of stigma on the lives of people with a mental health condition and their significant others.
2. How the impact of stigma could be minimised by service providers.
3. How an awareness of stigma relates to your current and/or future profession.
Please use the above dot points (or variations of them) as headings/sub-headings to guide the presentation of your responses.
You also need to include an introduction and a conclusion.
Please check the Assessment marking template to ensure you have covered all required elements.
Your essay should reference the textbook AND additional academic references, such as peer reviewed journal articles.
You must achieve a minimum 50% on this Assessment in order to pass this topic.
Style and Submission Details:
• Ensure you provide your full name, student ID and whether you are in DSRS4100 or DSRS9069.
• Pages should be numbered and formatting should be according to APA 6th edition style conventions.
• Submit your Assessment in Word (i.e. not PDF).

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