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QUESTION: Imagine that you are working for a logistics company, transferring furniture from Turkey to Germany. Your company has just been chosen as a logistics company for a new German company. The German company wants your company to carry 15 Tons of furniture each month for 5 years. Your company owner decided to invest in a second-hand truck for this new trade opportunity.
a. Find one vehicle and two vehicle combinations as alternatives to carry 15 tons of furniture from Turkey to Germany depending on the EU regulations. Choose one of them as your decision to buy. Write the code of this truck given by the company. Explain why do you choose this truck and why do not you choose the other alternatives? Write the reasons of especially; axle and tonnage limits and other features (like length, etc.) depending on the EU regulations.
b. By using the picture of the truck that you have chosen (You can copy and paste from the internet by writing its reference.), show:
- Unladen or laden vehicle (You can use one picture that you can find from the internet, so that I can understand if you have chosen the right truck.)
- Show each lighting and light-signaling equipment on the vehicle (At least 5 of them.). Write the standards of these lights and signaling equipment’ depending on the EU Regulation.
- Write the standard conspicuity markings that must be applied to your vehicle and their standards from the EU document. Also show them on the picture that you copy and paste from the slides.

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