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Create an engaging PowerPoint presentation applying the knowledge you gained in the Sales Comparison Comparison Approach based on the following scenario.
You have been asked to give a presentation to a local Board of Realtors entitled “What Most Real Estate Agents Don’t Understand About Residential Appraisals” based on the information you have learned in the online Sales Comparison Modules of this course.
Create a 15 slide or more PowerPoint presentation, including a final slide consisting of references, which reflects the key value driver takeaways from this course and how this knowledge can assist real estate agents to provide better market analyses to their clients which are supportable and defensible by appraisal standards.
Your PowerPoint Term Project must include a separate slide on each of the following primary value drivers. The topics presented and their slide sequence order should be as follows:
1. What's the difference between sales price and value?
2. What is a -real- view per appraisal standards? (It's not an ocean view which can only be seen while standing on a toilet!)
3. Is there a difference in value between a 3 bedroom vs. 4 bedroom home and why?
4. Does the square footage of a detached casita count as part of total Gross Living Area of the main house
5. What is the major difference between the way Realtors and appraisers pull comps? What is required for the best possible comp selection in an appraisal?
6. If a standard sale home is located in a foreclosure market wherein 50% or more of the homes are foreclosures, would standard sale or foreclosure sales comps be used?
7. Why is it important to bracket comps?
8. What are appraiser guidelines regarding non-permitted additions? Do they add to value or subtract from value?
9. What's the impact of sales concessions on appraised value?
10. How are appraisal comps pulled for under- and over-improved properties?
11. Why is it importance of functional utility and good floor plan configuration and how does that impact values?
12. What is the impact of external obsolescence on value?
Each of your 12 topic slides enumerated above must include an EXAMPLE and/or KEY TAKE-AWAY to illustrate your understanding of the topic presented. Please include actionable content, incorporating visually engaging, image-centric background slide graphics with text overlay, SmartArt icons, elements of humor, and your keen insights from both your online Sales Comparison Approach course modules as well as your INDEPENDENT RESEARCH. Please review Tips for Actionable Presentation Content prior to submission.

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