Recent Question/Assignment

The product should be completely new innovation...which is not in the market. I HAVE CHOOSE MOTIVATIONAL SHOE which has speaker on it where the Motivational quote of the Famous motivational gurus uploaded and it has pedometer, calorie counter and if you have any better idea to enhance the products quality you can put. You complete an e-entrepreneurial technovation feasibility project around one of the top research institutions in the US or around another break trough technology (50% of your grade) ,A compulsory 2-3 minute highlight presentation -is done in a critical in class dragon's den type format and must be passed by the lecture before the final assign is graded. This individual feasibility task assesses various concept and theories relating to this subject and test your critical creative and analysis thinking and interpretive skills. Demonstrate critical understanding of complex entrepreneurial issues and their importance to economic growth, Apply various creative innovation and technologies evaluation techniques in assessing entrepreneurial opportunities. Develop analytical skills in understanding sustainable and strategic issues and in presenting a well balanced argument in relation to this issues. This individual 3,000 word (less Title page and appendics) feasibility project report and it should also consider consumer expectation value satisfaction /loyalty engagement loop s and applied directly across the electronic and mobile(E&M) environment and their related technologies. You are to choose one website and one technologies area of interest. As the head of the e-enterpreneurial company e-entrepreneurial development group you are to develop a feasibility study concerning how your e-entrepreneurial company can commercialize one or more aspect of one of these emerging technologies first within your home country (Australia or singapore) and second within your e-entrepreneurial comapny's global reach .You Include your feasibility report the commercialization strategies you beleive can be applied concerning this new technologies product and your plans of how to move it across the key consumer market in which your e-entrepreneurial company operates.

The product should be completely new innovation which is not in the market...i have chosen MOTIVATIONAL shoe.