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Assignment 2
Project Implementation
(Notes: This report should include 1: business logic & functionalities + Help menu; 2: Technical features in the project like database connection; 3: GUI interfaces)
Travel Agent System
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Introduction (Completion of the project?)

This particular website that will not only provide information to users about the places and their specialities, but also allow users to search the database in a user friendly environment by
• The name of the location
• The name of the Popular Travel
• The price range of car to hire
• Airfares
The same list of search options is available for the best deal of toriest places. Through the use of Java Servlets, java Script, Travel Agents and Access applications, we will create a dynamic website with the potential for continual expansion. This project uses a additional feature of the advanced java application.
Broad objective:
To provide a web-portal for the people willing to go for traveling, gives information regarding Tourist Destination and Hotel Booking.
The scope of the job will include the followings:
• Requirement analysis
• Design, development and testing of custom application software
• Implementation of custom application software
• Preparation of Technical Manual
• Preparation of Operation Manual
• Maintenance for one calendar year after implementation
This project will enhance our theoretical and practical skills on e-commerce. We will get the opportunity to study the methodologies for applying the concepts through the project.

Project Description
(business logic & functionalities + Help menu)
The primary requirement for the system to be developed is that the users must be able to get a information about the travel. User’s requirement is the projects requirement. The requirement of this project is to satisfy the users to get a good idea about the travel to entire world. The whole project is been divided into two major modules, one is the customers and the other is the administrator module. Both the
modules are independent and each module has their own responsibilities and requirements and they are described in brief below.
To get the requirements of the customers in concise,
• Do Online Booking.
Allow booking for even non credit card holders.
In the same way for the administrators of this web site also have some responsibilities in the form of requirements and they are
• Uploading of the files (like images or new contents) to be done easily.
• Modifications in the contents (like changes in the particular airfare)
• Setting up greetings depending upon the season
• Setting up the contents for the special day or year offer
The features in the project:
The Travel Agent system is to be implemented using Java which has the capability to produce codes that are system independent and hence the system can be used in Windows, Unix or Mac environments. This system is to be designed using modern user interface like swing for better functionality and good graphical interface. The system designed in such a way that it is flexible and user friendly, which makes easy understandable and eagerness to work on the system. MySQL/Access database used for the storing of data as it is capable of handling large amount of transaction at the same time. The tools, software, used in this system are easily upgradeable whenever there is a necessity to enhance the system. The Travel Agent system is definitely guaranteed satisfactory and a future proof system.
1. Hardware requirement: The system is to be developed using java software, hence the system is capable of running on any environment.
The hardware Requirements (recommended)
The operating system can be of any graphical type operating system like the Apples’ Macintosh or Windows or Linux etc with a minimum of 32 MB of RAM. The modern server with any of the above operating system and the software required for developing of the application are Java Software Development Kit (previously JDK) and a server environment is Java Server Web Development Kit (Previously JSDK)
A Browser with the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) supports executing of java web applications. Internet connection.

2. Interface
User Interfaces
Requirements from the end user (student) point of view
• Locking down of certain web pages
• Restriction of access by login
• Ease of use
• Support – web based community and well supported by makers
On the first screen that the client, and administrator, would see web-page of travel agent they get the information regarding the travel, for uploading the files and if client wants to change the information that they provided earlier they can do by login to the system. Sample form of a screen is as shown below

Assign username and password for administrators or client . Moreover, there would be buttons for displaying the instructions, user manual and the help menu. The users can click the logout button to log out of the system.
( web site is used to collect the information below)
3. Software performance:
Authorization and Security: This is a key component of the system. There are two distinct users and each one must authorize them self before getting access to the system.
? Client have access to the their information which they provided earlier they can change.
? Administrator has the ability to upload the files.
Simple web interface for Client: Client are reqiested with a form containing fields for the following information.
? First name
? Last name
? Address1
? Address2
? Address3
? City
? Country
? PhoneNo
? password
Once the form is complete they can submit the form.
Form validation: Some of the fields on the application form play a significant role in the processing of the application. These fields must be explicitly checked for a valid entry. For example a student has to give his personal details like the ones mentioned above to get enrolled. Also the administrator gives in a unique username for each user and there should not be two users with same used id so the entry in those fields must be checked with the existing database of classes. If an invalid entry is found in the application then a different username will asked for.
Saving form data: Client will have to complete all the fields before submitting the form. All the username and the corresponding details are stored in the database.
Flexibility in Forms:
Application will need to change over the years. The system will be implemented in such a way that the system administrator or web programmer will be able to make changes to the online forms in accordance with the client’s needs.
Acceptance Notification: Once the Client registered the success in registration into the database is notified.
Querying facility: The Client can query the database to get the specific details of the destination or hotel or flights.
Design Considerations
The Travel Agent system is designed to tackle the above mentioned requirements. This is the only system which is capable of handling this kind of condition very effectively. As a part of the system the users will be able to remove or add their selections from or into a Booking list. Customers will also be able to download their selections or order them together. An online payment method will also be a part of the system. The user is made to login to the system entering the username and password and depending upon the username and password the user is categorised as a customer or an administrators. The password verification is done and depending upon the user category (a customer or an administrator) the pages are displayed. In case the users category is customer then set of pages can be viewed which allows the user to do the functions that a customer can do. And if the user’s state is administrator a set of pages that an administrator can do is shown.
Structure of the system
As in every E-commerce site the users can browse around the web pages to see the products and check out the prices. When the user wants to buy certain product the user has to logon and do the purchase. This in the point of view of the customer and in the same way for the administrator there are different set of pages for doing their responsibilities.
The flow of the Project

This project is largely focused on the welfare of the users. Unlike other e-commerce site it does not have only focus of money it help the customer to choose their desire location. Travel Agent is 100% free to both you the valued customer, and to travel agents. By using this web site custom search engine or browsing utility, user can find the best prices on the vacation you want to take, or get ideas about new places to visit based on the package that best fits your budget. Best of all, Travel Agent lets the user make valuable lifelong contacts in the travel industry.