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University of Canberra
Faculty of Education, Science, Technology and Mathematics
Web Design and Programming (7175 & 6691)
Submission dates: Assignment 1: 23:55 Sun 28/09/2014 (Week 7) and Assignment 2: 23:55 Sun 09/11/2014 (Week 13)
Type: Individual assignment
Marks: Assignment 1: 20 marks and Assignment 2: 20 marks
Submission: Zip your web project and report to a file and submit this file via Moodle.
Late submission: 1 mark per calendar day after the due time.
Design and implement a web site for our Web Design and Programming unit.
1. The web site template must be ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Application in Visual Studio 2012 or 2013 using C#.
2. There are 4 levels of access of the web site via web browsers: guest, student, tutor, and lecturer. Only you can assign a role (student, tutor, or lecturer) to a user.
3. The web site should contain the following pages:
a. Home page, About page, and Contact page to provide public information such as unit description, learning outcomes, unit availability, lecture room, tutorial room, enrolment, and contact details. Note a guest can only view these pages.
b. Teaching page for lecturers to upload files, label and delete these files. Students and tutors can view but cannot edit this page.
c. Enrolment page for students to enrol a tutorial class. A student can know what tutorials available and how to enrol. Tutors can view lists of students enrolled in these tutorial classes. Lecturers can view and edit these lists of students. Students cannot view any of these lists.
d. Forum page for students, tutors, and lecturers to post comments in a forum. Only lecturers can delete comments. Posted comments cannot be edited.
e. Assessment page for students to submit their assignments and view their marks, and for tutors and lecturers to download assignments and enter marks. Submitted files cannot be deleted.
4. You need to handle all exceptions that may occur at run time.
Assignment 1: due 23:55 Sun 28/09/2014 (Week 7)
• Please be aware that the main focus of your assignment is to design the web site. The content is not the focus of the assignment. Please only provide relevant and adequate content for your web site.
• Web design [6 marks]: In your report, please explain how you use elements of design, incorporate principles of design and apply foundations of designing for your web site.
• HTML [5 marks]: For HTML code and visual appearance. At least 3 HTML5 elements should be included in your design. In your report, please explain why you have chosen those HTML5 elements.
• CSS [6 marks]: For CSS code and visual appearance. In your report, please explain how you use CSS to manage the appearance of the content of the web pages.
• JavaScript [3 marks]: For JavaScript code and visual appearance. In your report, please explain why you have used JavaScript.