Recent Question/Assignment

For this assignment you have to find a new area of information management and introduce it to the class. This assignment will have to be submitted in class in hard copy format. The task will be to find an interesting area, to you personally, and introduce the area of information management to the class.
For example, you may like an area of corporate communications, an online system or a new piece of technology that enables us to share information in a much easier fashion. You have to introduce the technology and then provide a summary of it for the class.
Please note this is an individual task. The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to the world of information management. When selecting your new piece of technology you are not limited to the business world. It can be any area you like. Feel free to explore worlds that you previously thought were interesting but not able to be shared. Be prepared to discuss this assignment in class.
Hard Copy of Technical Report (1200 words)