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ASSESSMENT TASK 2: Decision Modelling and Analysis
Aligned course & subject learning outcomes
• SLO 3: Design, build and test computer based models for planning, decision making and control of business problems, Interpret model results, and make recommendations to stakeholders
• SLO 4: Able to integrate the knowledge of Microsoft Excel and other application software with the knowledge of accounting and finance
• CLO 4: Integrate advanced theoretical and technical accounting knowledge which includes a selection of auditing and assurance, finance, economics, quantitative methods, information systems, commercial law, corporation law and taxation law
• CLO 7: Present complex business analyses and information appropriately to both accountants and non-accountants using:
(a) effective oral presentation skills
(b) clear and fluent written communication
Assignment 2 is an individual assignment. The purpose of this assignment is to apply appropriate decision modelling to solve a business problem. Students will be given a simulated real word business problem and are required to write a report to:
• comprehensively explains and critically analyses the relationship between the business issues and practice and solving using appropriate and accurate decision models;
• Correctly and critically evaluates, analyses, and discuss all models/options. Draw critical justified conclusions and present recommendations with supporting evidences and implications.

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