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Assignment 2: Questionnaire Design INDIVIDUAL GRADED ASSIGNMENT
Assigned: June 8 Due date: 2 weeks (03rd JUNE 2021)
Dear Students, this is an individual graded assignment. Please read the instructions below and make sure to submit the assignment on time.
The purpose of this assignment is to gain practice in designing a questionnaire appropriate for use in a
research study.
Description You are to develop a short questionnaire on the topic of your last assignment – “Barriers to ECommerce Adoption by Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in South Africa”
Consider this as another opportunity to score a higher mark by doing a better work. This time again, you should concentrate on the following headings:
- Introduction
- Problem Statement
- Research Aims/Objectives
- Research Questions
- Research hypothesis
- Significance of the study
- A brief literature review (this might include empirical literature and/or definition of concepts)
- Research design/Methodology/Data Collection methods - Questionnaires - References.
Format: Times new Romans 12, 1.5 spacing.
Include your questionnaire as an appendix in your document. You should include roughly 17 to 20 questions, which should involve at least a mix of different question types (i.e., not all questions should be multiple choice or open-ended).
Make sure that questions should all relate to the topic you are presumably investigating.
The questionnaire should begin with a title and brief introduction to its intended purpose, so respondents understand why they are being asked to participate in the survey.
Make sure that before you jump in designing the questionnaire, you have formulated a good brief introduction, problem statement, objectives, formulate research question & hypothesis that will aid in the development of your questionnaire.
Evaluation Criteria
Evaluation will be based on the overall
design of the questionnaire, but also on your formulation of the problem statement, research aims/questions/hypotheses that will be derived from your chosen topic and how well it demonstrates an awareness of the questionnaire design
concepts discussed in the lecture slides (and the examples I attached for your perusal).
To receive maximum points on this assignment, your questionnaire must possess the following
Authority: You should have a concise but informative introduction. Who is conducting and/or sponsoring
the study?
Professionalism: Is the formatting consistent and readable? Are there typos that would cast doubt on the capabilities of the researcher? Is there enough variety in question types to make completing the
questionnaire somewhat interesting or engaging?
Appropriateness: Does each question appear useful for the goals of the study? Does each question
produce data that is necessary to address the research topic?