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T3-2021 | BIBM432 Assignment 1
Product Identification & Importation of Goods into Canada
Vendor(s) & Made in Country | Harmonized System (HS) Codes & Customs Preferential
Tariff | Landed Cost Computation & Pricing Decision
Due in week 5. (9%)
This is an individual assignment that you work on your own, not with the team that you formed. The product that you identify for importation into Canada could become the product for your assignment 2 due in week 8 and the final term project due in week 11.
You are an importer in Canada. Your report must include the followings:
1. Product, Vendor & Made in Country
Identify a product for importation into Canada.
• Product name and research on this product (type, potential sales opportunities).
• Vendor information and made in country.
2. Importation Preparation
Research on CBSA website for importation of your product into Canada.
• Full 10-digit HS Classification Code*, explain how you think the HS code is correct.
• Determine duty rate using the Made-in-Country in consultation with the “List of Countries for Applicable Tariff Treatments” **.
• Is your product a Controlled Goods, is there any restriction for importation of this product into Canada, and/or any restrictions imposed by the exporting country.
3. Transportation & Freight
Collate product package & shipment information.
• Product package size, weight, and volume (dimensions),
• Number of packages per box/case, outer carton count, pallet size, etc.
• Compute transportation cost using freight-rates provided by instructor.
• Transportation mode decision and freight cost(s), computation of shipment weight and dimensions.
• The port for use in the exporting country (air or seaport, city/town name if using land modes).
• Incoterm® 2020
4. Landed Cost, Markup & Sales Decision
Determine mark-up margin for selling price upon importation into Canada.
• Any other related costs, overheads, and accessorial charges.
• Use the cost calculation worksheet (.xlsx) or the Word table on
• Pricing decision: include “mark-up”, research for at least 2 similar products and compare their prices with yours, to justify your decision.
• What is your plan in distribution (DC) and selling your product (distributor/retail) – note: this is not a marketing report.
You report must show the final landed cost and how much this product is priced for retail sales. HS Code 10-digit: 12 (chapter) 34 (heading) 56 (subheading) 78 (tariff item) 90 (classification #) You can research for HS codes and duty rates from Websites listed on and below:
Canada Tariff Finder (EDC):
Find HS Codes:
Canada Post: Customs Tariff Schedule 2021 (main page): CBSA Customs Tariff by chapter T2021-5* List of Countries and Applicable Tariff Treatments (2021-04-01) ** Email (not from if you have any questions, and to schedule a Zoom meeting outside of class time, if need be.
The PowerPoint (6-12 slides maximum) must be made ready for class presentation (10 minutes).
PowerPoint must be emailed to instructor before the class starts on August 5th, 2021.
See requirement on page 5 of course outline.
1. Submission of this assignment via TurnItIn must be done in week 5, by 11:30 am on August 5th, 2021.
2. An Excel template is available on Moodle for use, submission via email to instructor (deadline at 11:30 am on August 5th).
3. Use the Word Import Preparation 2021 sheet and fill out all the information for this assignment if no Excel is used.
4. Late submission will NOT be accepted. If your submission is late, you will get 0%.
part of the file name
20% mark will be deducted
5. Your name and student number must be included as of your document for submission in Turnitin and email to instructor, a if not.
6. Use fonts: Times New Roman (size 12 maximum) or Ariel (size 11 maximum)
7. 1.5 or 2.0 line spacing
BIBM432 Assignment 1 2
Your Marksheet will show the followings:
Product & Vendor Information (20%)
Product name
Product type
Made in country
Vendor / manufacturer name & profile (website link, if any)
HS classification code (10-digit)
Duty rate % (amount of duty, Applicable Preferential Tariffs)
Research the product and exporting country, any restriction(s) for importation into Canada
Other specialties
Transportation & Freight Information (40%)
Package info: (box, pallet, barrel, roll, etc.).
Package weight in metric (gram/kg)
Package (piece) size L x W x H (cm) – individual piece/each
Product quantity for importation (how many pieces/packages, how many cartons in the shipment, etc.)
Computation – freight rate and transportation cost
Transportation mode and port for exportation, Incoterm® 2020
Landed Cost Calculation & Pricing Decision (30%)
Landed cost, markup, use of Excel or Word table for computation
Description of the product decision why this product is chosen for the term project
Sales info: What is your marketing plan? How are you going to sell it?
PowerPoint (10%)
Submitted by email by the end of the presentation day
BIBM432 Assignment 1 3

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