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N505: Development of a Research Question
Identify an area of interest to you that is related to evidence-based practice In nursing and formulate a PICOT research question. Review the requirements of the final assignment as the development of this research question is the foundation of your final assignment. A vital area of research preparation is the identification of the correct statistical test that will be used to answer a research question in your final assignment in this class.
Prepare a two-page paper that discusses the following:
• Identify your area of nursing interest
• Formulate a research question related to your area of interest; this will be the basis of your final assignment. Use the PICOT format. Seethe article AsAing the Clinical Question: A Key Step in Evidence-Based Practice
• Justify the need/significance for investigating your PICOT question
• Paper must follow APA guidelines (including title and reference page). Remember that it is important that APA papers have an introduction and conclusion.

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