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My project/Business is Telstra Corporation
Peers contribution or business to compare against is Westpac bank
3. Based on the selected business organisation or the specific project, write a 2500 words internal and external stakeholder analysis report.
Please note that the business or the specific project selected for Assessment 2 Discussion Forum Topics (1-4) must be the same with the business/project selected for the stakeholder analysis report.
Failure to adhere to this requirement may result to zero grade in Assessment 2.
4. The stakeholder analysis report should address the following points:
• Identify and analyse the functional areas of the business/ project.
• Scan the macroeconomy for recent developments and comment on the future economic outlook, including the macroeconomic environment, industry outlook and competition landscape.
• Identify the important internal and external stakeholders, and comment on their interest and level of engagement in the business/project.
• Create a stakeholder matrix, and corresponding stakeholder mappings.
• From the discussion forums, choose a peers contribution, which MUST be in an unrelated industry and business/project to yours. Compare your industry and business/project against the unrelated industry and business/project of your peer.
NOTE: if you adopt a project, it MUST be compared against a project in an unrelated industry.
• You are encouraged to apply relevant theories/conceptual frameworks in your discussions above.
Note: PESTEL and Porters 5 forces are good tools to help you identify most of the external stakeholders. Considering the relationships between these and the business/ project, would help to identify all relevant/specific internal stakeholders.
• You are required to support your observations, statements and claims with relevant theoretical and conceptual frameworks, including evidence from credible sources.
5. Structure and format of the report
Your individual stakeholder analysis should follow standard report structure and include the following:
• Cover page
• Executive Summary: provide a concise summary of the report in bullet points.
• Introduction and background information about the selected business/project
• Main body
o Identify functional areas
o Present the macroeconomic scenario and outlook
MGT501_Assessment_2_Brief Jnternal and External Stakeholder Analysis_Module Due 5.2 Page 2 of 6
o Identify internal and external stakeholders and their roles
o Identify the nature and degree of main stakeholders interests, and implications of conflicting interests
o Identify the level of main stakeholders influence o Create a stakeholder matrix, and corresponding stakeholder mappings, o From the discussion forums, choose a peers contribution, which MUST be in a dissimilar industry and business/project to yours. Against your peers;
Compare your industry and business/project operations; analyse the competition landscape Identify the main points of stakeholder dissimilarities and analyse the differences in stakeholder interests and influences
• Conclusion: summarising any findings or recommendations that the report puts forward regarding the concepts covered in the report. There should not be any new information in the conclusion
• References