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This is a seminar business assignment of a analysis of this case: Tesla motor inc by Alan N. Hoffman
ADMG4055 Seminar in Business Policy General Guidelines for Case Analysis
I. Current Situation A. Past Performance
B. Strategic Posture
1. Mission
2. Objectives
3. Strategies
4. Policies
II. Corporate Governance
A. Board of Directors
B. Top Management
III. External Environment A. Natural Environment
1. Physical Resources
2. Wildlife
3. Climate
B. Societal Environment
1. Economic
2. Technological
3. Political/Legal
4. Sociocultural
C. Task Environment
1. Threat of New Entrants
2. Power of Buyers
3. Threat of Substitute Products
4. Power of Suppliers
5. Rivalry Among Competitors
6. Power of Other Stakeholders
IV. Internal Environment A. Corporate Structure
B. Corporate Culture
C. Corporate Resources
1. Marketing
2. Finance
3. R&D
4. Operations and Logistics
5. Human Resources
6. Information Systems