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EDX2260 Assignment 2

Description Wtg (%age) Due date and time
Response (2000 words) 5004 February 2013 @ 9 am

"Scientific Inquiry and Environmental Sustainability”

Assignment task instructions:

You are required to produce a 2000 word (maximum) response to 4 questions/scenarios (500 words each) that are intended to develop your personal approach to scientific inquiry and your understanding of environmental sustainability. You may personalise your responses and use first person or choose the narrative that best suits your purpose. You may wish to use a less formal writing style with bullet points etc, however references and in-text citations are required to support any statements. You are required to include a reference list of 8 -10 supporting sources in APA style.

  1. Describe your experience of Earth/space science from when you were a student in primary school. What misconceptions did you have about Earth’s place in space? Did you have a sense of curiosity about the natural world? Did you have any awareness about environmental issues or sustainability in your understanding about Earth’s uniqueness in our Solar System? How would you describe the approach that was used to teach science and its effectiveness?
  2. Describe your current perception of Earth/space science and how it is taught in your context. What resources are available to support inquiry and education for environmental sustainability? Provide a critique of a resource that is currently used in your context that focuses on the concept of sustainability. You should provide an accurate reference for the resource which can be a commercial package, government website or educational support material that is suitable for your context. Context is Primary school.
  3. Learning in science involves the knowledge and skills that are learnt in other areas such as English, mathematics and history. Provide specific examples to show the links that exist for the topic of sustainability within the science curriculum. You should explain how education for sustainability is embedded with science and these three other learning areas.
  4. Prepare a (hypothetical) email that you would write to the school principal/site director explaining your plan for a science-based learning environment that would allow the students to develop a deeper understanding of sustainability through an inquiry approach. In this email, you will describe the classroom layout, request and justify the resources, outline the educational benefits for the children, demonstrate how the topic of sustainability addresses your curriculum requirements and how you will ensure that all safety precautions are considered. You should describe the inquiry approach that you are using to address a specific sustainability concept that is relevant for your context.
You should submit your response using EASE with your surname saved as part of the file name. For example, my assignment would be named spencekedx2260assign2.doc. EASE will only accept a WORD document file such as doc or docx, and no other documents are required. An assignment cover sheet is not required and it is not necessary to upload this task sheet into EASE. The marking rubric (which includes marks and comments) will be returned to you via EASE. Comments will not be made on the actual assignment and you should keep a copy of your assignment for possible future reference.

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