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Assignment 1
Assignment guidelines
Description Marks out of Wtg(%) Due date
Essay 40 40% Week 5
Word limit: 2000 words
Scaffolding supports and facilitates meaning-making in children’s play. The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to discuss and describe the importance of teacher presence in all areas of curriculum. You will need to research and then apply theories on the instructive interaction between teacher and child.
Note: Electronic submission only through EASE.
Marking criteria for Assignment 1, EDE3103 Play and pedagogy 2
 Criterion Marks
1 Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of scaffolding in facilitating children’s play. /12
2 Looking at various theories, demonstrate an understanding of the teacher as an integral component of the learning environment. /20
3 Demonstrate the components of good essay writing: introduction and thesis statement, main points clearly outlined and supported, and conclusion. Professionally written: consider issues relating to spelling, grammar, sentence fragmentation, tense, punctuation and writing skills. Professionally presented: cover page, headers and footers, orderly presentation /4
4 The use of authoritative literature references. There will be a need to read widely and to access high quality academic sources. APA referencing (in text and end of text) is evident. /4
 Total marks /40
Note: It is essential to examine Essay Writing and APA Referencing. A search on the USQ home page for these topics will show the standards that are required.

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