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Week 2 and Week 3 – Reflective Activity Instructions (word length – 1 page for each question)
If possible, choose Miami Dade Public Schools in United States as your organization.
1-) Describe the security that your organization uses to protect information. How many resources are dedicated to information security? Who is responsible for the overall security strategy? Has the strategy been successful? Is the strategy adequate for the risk? Has the environment been challenged in some way? Why or why not? Submit your work on your own Word document.
2-) Describe an example of an ERP, CRM or re-engineering activity in your organization within the last 2 years.
• What motivated this initiative?
• Has it been successful?
• What are the metrics used to measure the outcome?
• What challenges did the organization face in the implementation?
• How has the system changed since the original system?
• Why has it changed?
3-) Describe an effort that you organization has undertaken to invest in technology.
• How was the decision made?
• Who was involved in the decision making?
• Has the decision paid off the results that were forecasted?
• How is the system’s impact on the organization and business being measured?

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