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EDX2190 Australian History and Society: Curriculum and Pedagogy
Assessment 1: Critical Essay
Due Date: 15th April 2013 Length: 2000 words (+/-10%) Weighting: 50%
Task Purpose:
The purpose of this assignment is to ensure that pre-service educators are provided with the opportunity to engage in an authentic inquiry. Students will need to critically analyse and evaluate a unit plan which attempts to meet the requirements of the Australian Curriculum: History. To complete this assignment successfully, it is expected that students will analyse the unit plan by making frequent reference to official curriculum documents and other relevant literature.
Students will develop the necessary skills and strategies needed to complete an historical inquiry and demonstrate this learning in their response to the assignment task. This first-hand knowledge, experience and appreciation of the inquiry process and its complexities is vital learning for emerging professionals, as they endeavour to navigate children through the new Australian Curriculum: History using an inquiry approach.
Task Outline:
You are required to write an essay in which you critically analyse and evaluate the attached unit plan. In critically analysing the unit plan you are required to consider the following criteria:
1. Curriculum intent (Melbourne Declaration & curriculum development documents)
2. Aspects of the curriculum (rationale, aims, cross-curriculum priorities, general capabilities)
3. Principles of inquiry pedagogy
4. Historical accuracy and appropriateness of resources
In order to do this it is suggested that you complete the following steps:
• Critically evaluate how well the unit meets the intent of the Australian Curriculum:
History o Refer to documents such as those on this ACARA page.
• Critically evaluate how well the unit addresses aspects of the curriculum o Historical knowledge, understanding and skills o Rationale, aims, CCPs, general capabilities
o Further research utilising curriculum related literature
• Critically evaluate what degree the unit enables inquiry pedagogy to be implemented o Inquiry processes o Purpose of inquiry
o Connection of inquiry pedagogy with the Australian Curriculum: History
• How useful the resources will be for a historical inquiry o Historically accurate o Appropriateness
o Connection with Curriculum and pedagogy
The Submission:
Complete the critical analysis in the essay genre, third person only. Limited to 2000 words (+ or -10%). You may use headings sparingly if necessary.
Before uploading to EASE, you are required to run your essay through Turnitin, which is software that identifies issues with referencing so that you can add additional references if required. The instructions are available on Study Desk. You must still submit your essay through EASE.
Task Requirements:
1. Use of APA referencing conventions and style guide
2. The conventions of academic writing must be followed. Please visit the Learning Centre page for guidance. If you require support please contact LTSU.
3. Extensions must be requested before the due date. These will be granted in accordance with USQ assignment policy.

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