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1. Question for Maria 10.3 is “Should teachers take time to understand a student`s culture? Is it really relevant?”
2. Question for Martha 3.3 is “Should Governments provide compulsory training for parents and guardians to give them opportunities to take a more proactive role in their child`s education?”
3. Question for Neil-Maori 13.3 is It has often been said that treating everyone equally is not giving them the same but giving them what they need. “Do you think that we are giving ESL children what they need within the classroom as effectively as we could?”
4. Question for Kathy 11.3 is “The importance of focusing on English as a Second Language, a child’s background and implementing their background and culture into the Early Childhood centre to further enhance them?”
5. Question for Neil 13.1 is “How can we develop a whole school approach in raising community awareness to support the global benefits of developing cross cultural understandings?”

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