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Investigation and Evaluation of the Information Service
Your investigation and evaluation should address the following:
1. Overview of the information service – type of service/intermediation, objectives, business model.
2. Overview of range of physical, digital and virtual information resources/collections and meta-collections available via the service
3. Who are the targeted users of the service? What are their information needs? How does the information service identify and analyse user needs?
4. What selection policies are in place relating to building/pointing to information resource collections physical/digital/virtual? How well do they address user needs?
5. How is access to information resources designed and managed? How is networked access and access to virtual and meta-collections managed?
6. What policies, principles and strategies support the design and management of user services (physical and virtual)?
7. Does the service provide information literacy and user education programs? If so, what are they and how effective are they
8. What technologies does the service use? How effectively does it use them? Comment on the effectiveness of any Web 2.0/social media technologies in use.
References and Sources
References re Evaluation of Library Performance
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Search for other relevant articles in the following journal: Performance Measurement and Metrics. Aslib.

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