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Assessment 2: Business Marketing Plan Activity Type This is an individual assignment
Task Select a B2B marketer. Prepare a business marketing plan for its product mix. Your plan should include target market characteristics, industry composition, market share and sales forecast, marketing mix strategy.
Value 60 %
Due date Week 12
Length 12 A4 size single pages with Arial 12.
Preparation Demonstrate how this will contribute to meeting organisational and marketing objectives more effectively. Your analysis must use academic theories and frameworks to underpin your analysis as well research from wider sources to gain the necessary information. The analysis should lead towards the marketing strategy to achieve your market goals, followed by an effective implementation plan.
Presentation Submit your assignment as a business report not exceeding 12 A4 size pages, typed single space, using Arial point 12 type face. You can attach a reasonable amount of appendices to the report to provide coverage of information. Use Harvard style referencing.

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