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Assessment 2: Group IR Dispute Analysis – Presentation and written handout maximum 3000 words- Written Assessment.
Total marks allocated – 30%
For this assignment students are required to work in groups of three to five members. Students are required to undertake research and analysis of an industrial dispute or incident known to the Group, found in your readings or as provided by the Lecturer.
Guidelines for written component
Group Research Report Industrial Dispute Analysis
The report should be up to a maximum of 2000 words in length.
The report should be written as a Business Report (Harvard Style) as per divisional standards.
The purpose of this assignment is to:
• analyse the facts of the case or incident and the aims of the parties involved;
• review the negotiation process conducted by each party and its relevance to the outcome;
• relationship to relevant acts of Parliament and other legal or moral issues;
• the Group’s opinion of the actions of the Parties and the outcome of the dispute or incident;
• apply relevant theory to the relationships and negotiations of the parties.
• clarity of description of the circumstances surrounding the dispute or incident ;
• evidence of wider reading and the use of theory and literature to critique, explain and justify the outcome and the Group’s opinion of such and recommendations;
• the standards of presentation (both written and verbal), expression and grammar.
Assignment 2- Group Presentation of Industrial Dispute Analysis in Tutorial Weeks 9-11
The assignment involves providing the class with an analysis of the industrial dispute or incident as researched in above and will involve:
• An analysis of the facts of the dispute or incident and the aims of the key parties involved;
• All relevant legal issues and their relationship to the relevant Acts of Parliament
• The negotiation process and its relevance to the dispute’s resolution
• Group’s opinion and recommendations
To avoid duplication of topics, students are required to approach the Lecturer/Tutor with their selected dispute. Where practical, presentation groups and times will be organised by week three of the semester. Presentations will occur between weeks 9 to 11. Students are required to give a verbal presentation and class handout related to their topic. Presentations are to be no more than 15 minutes including question time. Students are to work in Groups of 3-5 members for this assessment through self-selection where possible.
The Group must prepare a handout of up to 500 words which is to be provided to the Tutor the day before the Group’s Presentation and a copy must be given to the class members before the Presentation begins.
This handout forms part of the Group’s assignment assessment.
Each member of the Group must participate in the Presentation.
The Presentation and handout will be evaluated using the following:
• Clarity of description of the dispute
• Evidence of wider reading and research to critique, explain and justify
• Standards of presentation both written and verbal
• Audience participation and involvement during presentation and question time.
• The use of technical aids and artistic licence are encouraged but guest speakers are not!
The handout should include a summary of the main themes of the presentation and a reference list of any further readings. It is envisaged that the Group would make a critical analysis of the dispute or incident, examining underlying themes of the issues, relate theories to practical situations and provide recommendations as to attempt to resolve the issues during the presentation.

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